Using Area Rugs to Protect Hardwood Flooring From Your Pets

Using Area Rugs to Protect Hardwood Flooring From Your Pets

Clip kitty’s nails to reduce scratches on the flooring! If you have pets in your home, you know they can wreak havoc on hardwood floors. Chances are your pet – whether dog or cat – likes to lie on the hardwood floors as they are cooler than the carpeted areas. When this happens though and when your pet is dashing around the house its nails are bound to scratch up the hardwoods a bit.

Using Area Rugs to Protect Hardwood Flooring From Your Pets

Fluffy and Fido certainly don’t care whether your hardwood floors sustain any damage but you most certainly do. Chances are you have invested a large sum of money and spent quite a bit of time choosing the perfect hardwood floors for your home and you need to protect your investment. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your hardwood floors protected from your pets and save you from having to repair many scratches on the floors.

As mentioned, area rugs are an option when it comes to not only protecting the floors but they can be used as a way to enhance the beauty of the floors and the decor of the house itself. When go shopping for area rugs, you’ll find there are almost as many options for shapes, styles, and designs for you to decide which one would complement your hardwood floors well.

When it comes to the pets themselves, make sure their nails are often clipped because those nails can cause scratches in the wood. If your pet is prone to dashing around the house, they can easily dig into the surface of the hardwood floors. Another thing to consider is if you have a new pet introduced to your hardwood floors, if the puppy has an “accident” on the hardwoods, it can damage the wood if not clean it off fast enough. Even if you opt not to put down area rugs, you may want to consider it during the house training phase of your pet. If the hardwood floors are in the area of the pet food dish, make sure spills are cleaned up as soon as possible and you might want to consider putting the pet food dishes on a tray to help protect the floors.

The idea of covering your hardwood floors may not be very appealing, but it might be necessary to protect them from the damage your pet can cause. Keep in mind that there are area rugs that not only enhance the beauty and decor of the room in where they are placed, but they also protect your wooden floor as well. You only need the area rugs that cover the higher traffic areas, but leave the rest of the hardwood floors open for your viewing pleasure!

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