The Urban Touch With Exposed Brick Walls

Living Room Decorating Ideas: The exposed brick wall has captured the hearts of the young urbanites for years with their interior designs and is finding its path from the inner cities to the suburbs around the country. Not every wall in your home should have an exposed brick wall, but the texture, age and color can bring the room character and warmth.

Before Exposing the Brick
Before exposing the brick wall make sure the brick is in great condition. Some brick can deteriorate over time and become damaged. It wont look appealing and interior designs will not be able to save it. Make a small opening or even try to examine the brick through an electrical fixture. This should allow you to determine the quality and color of the brick.

How much work are you willing to take on? This question is something else to consider before tearing down the plaster or drywall that is over your brick wall. Consider the elbow grease needed to take down the plaster, the amount of mess, and cleaning the brick to get it presentable. If the brick wall behind the plaster is going to require a lot of work and cleaning do research on what sort of cleaning method to use; steel brushes, muriatic acid, or sandblasting. The type of cleaning method can also be decided based on if someone is living in this space and the amount of clean up. Cleaning a brick wall depending on its size can be a time-consuming project but the interior designs can be just the push to get a beautiful job done.

Accent Walls
The look and character a room presents are very important and the interior designs you can add around this brick accent wall bring charm and character to any space. Bedroom design ideas are endless bringing in a cottage charm appearance.

The kitchen design ideas with copper pans and greenery in corners make it a room to stay in for more than just eating and cooking. Living room designs with big cozy leather couches, throw blankets and big pillows add to the warmth of an exposed brick wall. The exposed brick accent wall can enhance any room with adding just simple pieces of decor.

The interior designs are endless when exposing a beautiful brick wall, but be aware that by removing the plaster or drywall this also removes some insulation from the wall. It may cause the room to be heated more or be drafty if it is an outside wall. Always make sure that the heating system in place will be strong enough to cover the space if more heating is necessary and that the increased cost is within budget.

Always research as with any home project to make sure that the result can be accomplished without causing more damage. You can also ask a professional to come check out the wall before you start the project. An exposed interior brick wall is a beautiful addition to any room and the interior designs added to the space make it an original space with a personal touch.

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Austin Smith