The Best 10 Robot Mops Under $500 to Clean Your Floor

The Best 10 Robot Mops to Clean Your Floor

Over the years, cleaning your homes has changed with innovations in tidying spaces transforming the way you manage the living room, kitchen, bedroom, attic, basement, and other areas in your properties.

Among these breakthroughs are robot vacuums that allow you to do other stuff in your vicinity while letting the cleaning machine work to keep your areas sparkly clean. When looking for the best robot mops under 500 dollars, it is pertinent to view from various perspectives, which include bringing it to the balance, with regards to the quality, durability, performance, and price. Take note that the pricing indicated here is based on Amazon.


Here are the top 10 robot mops under $500 in the market today:

1. iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop

iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop

This iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop can handle anything from spills on the flooring to spots that need to be wiped out. Plus, they are also compatible and equipped with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can just tell what you want to be accomplished at home, and the robot map will do it.


  • Ideal for multiple rooms and spaces
  • Cleans hardwood, stone, and tile
  • Navigates through rows
  • Completely control your cleaning

Price: $399

2. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock is a global leading brand of robot vacuums and mops that offer intelligent, versatile, and affordable equipment. This powerful cleaning tool also works with Alexa to offer cleaning and get through the fine details in your household.

Its synchronized technology is designed to increase wind utilization and draw the dust into your bin with zero percent residue on the floor. It also leaves no water stains at rest.


  • Smart app controls
  • Strong suction and multi-mode system
  • Ultra-high battery capacity
  • Enabled with Alexa

Price: $479.99

3. 360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

The 360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner is your solution when cleaning in darker rooms as it features high-definition maps for better accuracy. The suction power is designed for deep cleaning, leaving no spots in the places it moves around into.

Alongside the product’s Alexa voice control, it can cross over, preventing it from getting stuck within tight furniture and narrow spaces. It also passes smoothly between bedsheets and curtains. Here are the rest of the features you can get.


  • Ideal for cleaning off-limit areas
  • Designed well for custom cleaning
  • Equipped with HD mapping and navigation

Price: $429.99

4. eufy by Anker, RoboVac L70 Hybrid, Robot Vacuum

eufy by Anker, RoboVac L70 Hybrid, Robot Vacuum, iPath Laser Navigation

Built with the iPathTM laser navigation feature and map innovation in artificial intelligence, the robot vacuum offers efficient cleaning power where you can customize according to the targeted areas. From your phone, you can set virtual boundaries so the robotic vacuum cleans just the required areas.


  • Intensified suction power
  • Intelligent mopping
  • Control with voice via phone
  • Three-in-one filter for easier cleaning

Price: $429.99

5. iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop

iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop

Navigation is significant and necessary with the robot vacuums since they automatically move through the spaces without requiring the person to manually hold them. The iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop, on the other hand, features the vSLAM navigation that learns about the home layout, enabling it to move into the rows efficiently.

If it runs out of battery, it recharges quickly and resumes with the cleaning. No matter whether the mess is a coffee spill, dog tracks, or fallen food in the kitchen, or specks of dust under the table, you can use the cleaning robot for hands-free maintenance. Plus, the voice assistant and the app will help enhance your cleaning.


  • Precision jet spray for kitchen grease
  • Navigates even under your furniture
  • Customizable maps for complete control

Price: $399

6. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Bundle

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Bundle

Why is this robot vacuum bundle powerful? First, its power-lifting suction delivers five times the air power for enhanced performance managing dust on the floor. The homeowner may also utilize the iRobot HOME app to schedule and monitor their cleaning sessions.

As with the navigation, it offers a patented vSLAM technology distinct from the brand to allow the cleaner to map out surroundings before moving around to clean. Plus, it also recharges automatically then resumes the cleaning. Here are its stunning features.


  • Navigates into every room and hard-to-reach spaces
  • Powered through wireless Internet
  • Equipped with Advanced Dirt Detect technology

Price: $420

7. Proscenic 2-In-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner And Mop

Proscenic 2-In-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner And Mop

One of the things that a consumer looks for when shopping for their vacuum cleaner is the ability to stay connected to you with the voice control sensors, while it is remotely cleaning from where you are. Secondly, they want a vacuum cleaner that does not distract the surroundings as it cleans quietly. The Proscenic 2-In-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner And Mop is one of the best robot mops that have this feature.

Despite its powerful suction, the vacuum goes with less than 65 dB, never louder than how a microwave works. It does not distract or disturb people taking a nap, or does not scare away pets while it is doing the cleaning.


  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Artificial wiping technology
  • Laser technology scans your surroundings

Price: $429.99

8. Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop

True to its name, this robot vacuum and map could clean intelligently and efficiently. You do not have to worry about this, bumping into obstacles since it uses its dual-gyro system alongside motion tracking sensors to logically clean every angle in the room.


  • Large battery capacity
  • Designed for thorough cleaning
  • App control for movement and direction
  • Wi-Fi network enabled

Price: $339.99

9. ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T5 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T5 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

The impressively modern design of ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T5 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop matches everything that it offers. Its laser mapping is capable of creating accurate maps that prevent the robot from missing any area uncleaned. You can also customize the cleaning with the brand’s home app.

One of its most advanced features in the industry’s sought-after 5200mAh battery that offers an optimized consumption system to offer up to 3,200 square feet coverage after the charging ends. Looking closely at the high-efficient filter, this effectively handles 99 percent of the smallest of particles, clouds of dust, allergens, and pollens in the vicinity.


  • Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping
  • Equipped with a 240-milliliter water tank that covers more than 2,000 square feet of mopping
  • With more than three hours of running time

Price: $495.99

10. Samsung Electronics R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum

Samsung Electronics R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum

You read that right, the globe’s leader in smartphone technology Samsung is also making waves in the area of household cleaning. The Samsung Electronics R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum is our final choice in this product review, and never the least, it offers the best features more than you can ever imagine.

Theirs is a powerful robot vacuum that brings in optimum cleaning outcomes. It is a sustainable product with eco-friendly features such as the self-clean soft action brush that automatically takes away the smallest dust, pet hair, etc.


  • Up to 20W suction capabilities
  • Sensor technology that detects even the hard-to-reach areas
  • Visionary mapping prevents the cleaning vacuum to bump into obstacles
  • Self-clean action brush does not clog, continuously cleaning with impact

Price: $399.99

Buyer’s Guide To Efficient Cleaning

Robot vacuums can offer several great advantages in comparison with other cleaning equipment and machines being offered in the industry. For one, your handheld floor cleaning tools can be as advanced but necessitates the presence of the cleaner. With the robot vacuum, they work entirely on their own.

And, even more fascinating is how the robot mops are sold at only $499 and less, an affordable range that consumers and homeowners can benefit from. With the outstanding features that the cleaning tools can offer, you get the right advantages at the best price.

No matter as to whether it is your hardwood, tile, or carpets that need cleaning, these robot vacuums do their jobs well, providing you worry-free cleaning for the stay-at-home person or the busy, on-the-go individual.


Cleaning or deep house cleaning may be required after inviting your friends over, cooking, or soon as a school project ends. Are you prepared to take your cleaning to the next level? On your bucket list, make sure you have the robot mop as this is a perfect must-have for your household, and likewise a great gift this holiday season. Having cleaner homes and offices impresses visitors, and lets you accomplish your tasks more freely.

We hope you learned from this product review of the top 10 robot mops. You may share this on social media, or post your thoughts in the comments thread.

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