The Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is an alternative choice to hardwood flooring. There are many benefits to installing cork flooring in your home. Cork flooring is attractive, a smart “green” choice for the environmentally concerned, and used as a subfloor or main floor it can withstand the traffic for years to come.

A choice of environmental lovers, cork flooring is produced from the bark of the harvested Cork Tree.  The Cork Tree is the only tree able to regenerate after it is harvested, unlike the hardwood trees. Every nine to ten years, the bark of Cork tree can be re-harvested without damage the tree.

Diverse Uses
Cork flooring is beautiful and eco-friendly!
Cork can be used as a subfloor or main floor. This type of flooring will not mold, rot or mildew if properly sealed. Cork is impermeable to both gases and liquids in its natural state and toxic gases are not released on combustion, making it fire resistant. And, as a natural insulator, cork is resistant to temperatures, so walking barefoot around the house is comfortable no matter the weather.

Health Benefits
Many chronic sufferers of back pain, knee pain, and other joint pain sing praises of cork flooring. Cork has a bounce to it that is noticed on sore joints as one walks across the floor. The pains felt in walking on the ceramic tile would disappear if walking on cork flooring. Cork also has memory, meaning it will return to its previous form after a heavy object asserts pressure.

Maintaining your cork flooring is as simple as hardwood, and because it does not collect dust, cork flooring is considered hypo-allergenic. In addition to this, cork is anti-microbial, which makes it an obvious choice for bathrooms, kitchens and children’s play areas. Naturally, cork is an insect repellent, as well.

Though professional installation is always recommended, cork is quite simple to install and a great choice for almost any room. So be sure you consider cork next time you are remodeling your floors, and know that while it may be a new choice on the market, it is often a smart one!

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Austin Smith