How to Clean Your Area Rug

Area rugs can protect high traffic areas of flooring area rugs have become a popular way to cover flooring in many homes. Previously, area rugs, such as oriental rugs were very expensive. But as the price has come down, many homeowners are using them to cover wide areas of flooring. For example, you might have an area of ceramic tile in your family room that you want to cover for the kids to play on. Like any floor covering, however from time to time it will need to be cleaned.

1. Determine if the rug is dirty. Run your fingers through it and see if they are picking up dirt or dust. Also, pick up one end and kick the back of it lightly. If many specks of dust fly off then it needs cleaning. Don’t use harsh detergents at first as they might wash out the color.

2. Test a small part of the rug with soap and water. If the color remains intact then continue washing the whole rug with this solution using a sponge that won’t shred. Afterward, rinse the rug out with water, or even with a rubber squeegee. Hang dry the rug then vacuum it gently.

3. If you’re uncomfortable cleaning large area rugs yourself, call a carpet cleaning professional to come and clean the rug in your house or take it to a cleaning shop. This costs money but saves you time and effort. If the rug is stained, this may also be the best option, particularly if the stain is old and deep.

4. For stains, several chemical spot removers work well on most carpets. Again, test the compatibility of the rug with the chemicals on a small section before using it on a large section. Get advice if necessary from professionals on how to clean stains so that you don’t damage the fabric.

5. If the stain is fresh, use warm water to try to keep the stain from attaching itself permanently to the rug’s fibers. Then blot up as much of the liquid as you can that has spilled. If you still see the stain, use a dishwashing liquid and water, approximately one-quarter teaspoon to one cup of water. Apply it several times to get out the stain and then blot dry, making sure you remove the detergent as well. Rinse and squeegee.

6. After the rug is thoroughly air dried, vacuum gently and replace where it was.

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Austin Smith