How to Clean Water Stains from Wood Floors

Hardwood floors can really augment the interior of any home. However, from time to time there can be spills that occur on your hardwood floors. Even water has the potential to damage a wood floor, as it can seep into the seams and rot the wood if you don’t clean it up as soon as possible. Other liquids, like artificially colored liquids, and juices or wines can also wreak havoc on your floors if they are left to sit.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to clean up water stains – or just about any other kind of liquid stain – from your hardwood floors.

You will want to have a few items handy, including: A disposable face mask, sandpaper, denatured isopropyl alcohol, a clean rag, a medium or soft bristled paint brush and matching varnish for the existing varnish that coats your flooring.

Wear the face mask before using the alcohol and make sure to keep the area well ventilated by opening up some windows or turning on a fan. Apply small amounts of the alcohol to the rag and lightly apply it to the stain.

If applying it does not remove the stain, use the sandpaper to gently scrub at the stain until it fades away. If this does not remove the stain, then lightly sand the stain again and repeat this process; sometimes the stain can seep into the wood, underneath the varnish.

After you have removed the stain, apply the varnish (using the paintbrush) to the area so that you can reseal it and so that it matches the rest of your flooring.

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Austin Smith