Flooring Options for Your Home

Flooring Options for Your Home

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful, traditional flooring choice no longer are you limited to carpet or linoleum when it comes to flooring your new home. In today’s market, there are more designs, styles, colors, and material available to make your home your own than ever before. Chances are, you’ll be able to get that “look” you’re going for in your home for the price you want with a little effort and foresight into knowing what you want. So what are your flooring options? Here are some great choices, some traditional, some not, for your new floor.

Flooring Options for Your Home

1. Carpeting
A perennial favorite due to availability and comfort, you can find carpeting styles to enhance the ambiance of any room. The downside, however, is that carpet collects dust and pet dander and could aggravate the sinuses those with allergies.

2. Hardwood
Hardwood floors are a durable, beautiful option that can help increase home resale as well as bring depth to a room. While this choice can be a little expensive, you can look for engineered hardwood to lower the cost.

3. Laminate and Linoleum
An economical option that comes without the upkeep of hardwood and carpeting, laminate flooring is a good choice. It comes in a myriad of patterns, including false wood, and tends to stand up to heavy traffic exceptionally well.

4. Ceramic
Beautiful and durable, ceramic is well worth the price. Realize, however, that for those in a cool climate, the natural coolness of this flooring may make mornings unbearable, so consider a floor heater when you invest.

5. Concrete
Not just for basements anymore, use concrete with marble or tile to put together a unique looking floor at an affordable price.

6. Bamboo
Bamboo comes in many shades and varieties and is resistant to stains and scratches. While expensive in comparison to traditional wood flooring, bamboo has the advantage of being eco-friendly — A great choice for the “green” minded.

Beyond these are the less traditional options of slate, tile, and many more flooring materials. The flooring for your home should be chosen with a combination of factors such as traffic, house occupants, and time for cleaning in mind. Also, don’t forget the budget you can afford and the effect you try to achieve with your new floor.

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