Decorating On A Budget

Decorating On A Budget

Sprucing up a home can be fun and inexpensive. To cut down on costs, focus on replacing essential items that will give a room a whole new look and feel.

The first step for a big impact is to add a fresh new color of paint on the walls. Look into faux painting or textured paints for a rich expensive look. Endless options are available, and classes are sometimes offered at local home improvement stores.

Decorating On A Budget

A new area rug can really revive a boring room. In addition, an area rug can make the room appear larger. Be sure to shop for your rug before purchasing paint. This will ensure that you choose complimentary colors for the floor and walls.

The rug should be a different base color than the walls. One may want to choose paint in color presented in the pattern of the rug or two colors that just work together. Making sure these two areas of the room are in harmony will tie the room together.

Next, choosing just a few new decorative pieces such as a picture, vase or a clock can liven up a room. Candles are an inexpensive way to add something new to the place. Get creative and fashion a new centerpiece by adding seashells, decorative rocks or coffee beans to an interesting dish with a candle centered inside.

If the budget doesn’t allow for new knick-knacks, try moving the existing pieces around. This may make someone notice something they had not noticed before. Showcase the pieces that you love so that you will enjoy the time spent in this room.

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Austin Smith