Tips to Clean Laminate Floors

The beauty of laminate flooring is uncontested; nothing can beat the shine of a well-kept wood floor. On the other hand, dirty dull wood floors can make any room look dirty and dingy.

What is the best approach for laminate floor cleaning? The answer is quite simple, and can accomplish easily with common household chemicals!

Laminate Floor Cleaning Made Easy:
The first step for cleaning the laminate floor is a good old-fashioned broom sweeping. This will get all the big dust balls and larger items that may have accumulated on your floor quickly and easily. Sweeping will also make mopping your floor much easier and cleaner.

After the floor is swept free of debris you can make your laminate floor cleaning mixture! This is a very easy mixture to make and is made from common household items.

First, mix distilled white vinegar into a bucket at a ratio of 1/2 cup for every gallon of warm water. Although vinegar does not smell the greatest it will stop water spots from forming during laminate floor cleaning. It is recommended to stay away from harsh chemicals such as ammonia and bleach, the long-term effects of these chemicals could be devastating to your laminate floor’s sealant.

The final step is in laminate floor cleaning is clean the floor! This can be done with either a towel or a sponge head mop. Many people prefer the mop because you can purchase an automatic wring mop, making the job much easier!

You start with the mop or towel damp, but not too wet. The idea is simply to pick up the dirt and dust; make sure you do not over saturate your laminate flooring, as this could damage or swell the floor! Make sure to wring the towel or mop out between cleaning strokes.

Laminate flooring adds beauty and elegance to any home and by using the proper chemicals for laminate floor cleaning, you can guarantee that your wood floors beauty and shine will last a long time. Taking your shoes off at the door doesn’t hurt either!

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Austin Smith