Choosing Flooring for Your Home

Choosing Flooring for Your Home

Are you building a house or renovating your house and choosing what type of flooring you want to get? It’s quite an important decision and can depend on a lot of many different variables. The following are 4 major types of flooring for a home and where they fit best:

Choosing Flooring for Your Home

Vinyl Flooring:
Vinyl flooring is quite popular in the industrial market such as hospitals, aged care, education and much more. However, it is also great for homes and is very eco-friendly. It’s great for the kitchen and dining room area where there may be many spills as it’s really easy to clean.

Floorboards can look amazing in both traditional and modern surroundings. Floorboards can be quite expensive if you get the high-quality authentic versions although there are also cheaper versions which can look quite good anyway and are half the price. Floorboards are a great choice when aesthetics are important to you.

Tiles are being used a lot less these days, I remember my old family homes tiling in the kitchen but you don’t see it around that much in new homes. I’m not sure why as it can look great when done well but I’m sure like most things they will come back into fashion.

Lino is also something that used to be used a lot more than they are now. However, I think that is for a good reason. In my opinion, lino can look quite tacky and can ruin a great looking home. It may be cheap but the amount it will devalue your home is not worth the savings.

Choosing the right flooring is a big decision, and it can make a big impact on the value of your home when you’re looking to sell. My advice is don’t cheap out, pay the price and get the quality that will look great and last forever.

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